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Valvetronix AD120VTX plus stomp EQ
  A short vid to try & demonstrate the advantage of using a stomp EQ in the FX loop. Amp only set at 15w, UK 90's model (JCM900), Behringer EQ700 in FX loop. Hope it comes across. (sorry about the drop in 'talk' volume - I think the camera volume 'self compensates'!).
Valvetronix AD120VTX plus stomp EQ (US High Gain)
  I hope this clip more clearly demonstrates the massive difference that an EQ in the FX loop of your Valvetronix can have - it really is like taking a blanket off your amp! This time I've used the Soldano model ('US-High Gain') & switched with/without EQ as I'm playing. (Apologies for the amateur presentation & poorer camera angle!)


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